Much of the work our organization does is person-to-person, as we help build people's capacities to speak against and change the educational inequities that impact them. Often, this work is not captured by the media. However, there are times when our

behind-the-scenes work takes center stage. These public actions are demonstrations of the power of organized people! To learn more, you can navigate to our press center HERE.


South Louisiana Coalition for Education (SLCE) was formed in 2015 by a group of community educators that noticed something concerning: the policy decisions being made on behalf of our students needed greater input from those with a direct stake in schools. To this end, we began organizing in the communities we served with one goal: to get input from people that worked with schools, then use that to drive a student-centered policy agenda and help put students back at the forefront of policy decisions.


SLCE members are current & former teachers and school staff, parents, family members, students, and others with a shared desire to ensure that our schools are as excellent as possible for students. We hail from many different geographical locations, political affiliations, religious traditions, and even schools of thought on educational theory, but we share a thorough belief that this diversity of thought and experience makes our coalition stronger, and allows us to achieve the strongest possible outcomes for students.


Since our initial formation, we have used House Meetings, Public Actions, Teach-Ins and other organizing strategies to engage hundreds of individuals across South Louisiana in the process of making our schools stronger for students.



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