State Superintendent of Education

Recognizing the need for transformational leadership statewide, SLCE began organizing to ensure that the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) prioritized community voice in the state superintendent search. Due to COVID-19, SLCE recognized that traditional avenues for community engagement would be negatively impacted and, via open letter, called on the board to provide transparency in the selection process and utilize digital resources to make the process as engaging as possible for community members. 


Upon sending the letter, SLCE also partnered with other educational advocacy organizations to strengthen the ask for active community engagement in this process. Because of the statewide community push for engagement, BESE released candidate information and initial recorded interviews. The board also launched an online survey to collect public feedback regarding priorities for the state superintendent search.


Ultimately, BESE appointed Dr. Cade Brumley to be Louisiana's Superintendent of Education. SLCE is working with BESE to be partners in accountability and to always push for equity in education!

EBR School System Superintendent

SLCE began organizing around ensuring that the next superintendent of East Baton Rouge Parish was one who reflected what was best for the community. We began meeting with members of the community, hosting house meetings, and
turning out to the school board’s community meetings - all while
distributing a survey to narrow in on the issues salient to the community. By speaking out at school board meetings consistently, affirming the survey’s findings of an equitable
superintendent, SLCE was able to add the phrase, “An
unwavering commitment and dedication to support and growing a culture of inclusion and equity throughout the community”
to the candidate profile.

Members of SLCE attended and spoke at EVERY school board meeting and continued pressing for an equity-minded Superintendent for EBR. Because of the community's push for active engagement, the interviews of the top 5 candidates were open to the public (virtually due to COVID-19). To keep the public informed about how each candidate aligned with the priorities surfaced in our community survey, SLCE released candidate report cards.


As a final step in the selection process, the school board hosted a where the remaining 2 candidates, Mrs. Leslie Brown and Dr. Nakia Edwards, answered questions from stakeholders, including ones posed by the parents, teachers, and students who are part of SLCE. Ultimately, the EBR School Board chose Leslie Brown as the next leader of the district. SLCE continues to ensure that the commitments to equity that were made during the selection process are fully realized by the new Superintendent and the board.